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  1. This afternoon the band played at the War Graves behind St.Nicholas Church, Brockenhurst, at the Annual Anzac Day remembrance service. 

    The band played a few hymns followed by Share My Yolk, All in the April Evening, and Pie Jesu from the Impressions of Brass selection.

    following the service the band were invited to Tile Barn, an outdoor centre for refreshments,  Tile Barn is built on the site of the former New Zealand General hospita.,

    Sick and wounded soldiers from the western front were treated at the hospital, and those that did not survive were buried in the war Graves at St.Nicholas Church

  2. On Tuesday 19th February, the band returned to the location of where the band was formed in 2008.  

    The band used to rehearse in St.Marks church, then moved to the new centre at Eastpoint, and then to the Oasis Academy in Mayfield in 2006.

    The Band has now relocated to Woolston Community centre, opposite St.Marks Church, Woolston.